An owner-managed family business - SMO was founded in August 2005 by Steffen Mohr. We started out as a small metal construction company (SMO Metall- und Anlagenbau). We quickly discovered tube bending for ourselves and have been growing steadily with our tasks ever since. We love challenges and gladly accept them.

Everyone in our company lends a hand, even the boss. This means that no one loses touch with the material and the machines.
We measure, scan, design, draw, calculate and manufacture. So you don't need to bend, we do that for you.

Our bending work - versatile in use

  •  Furniture construction
  • Vehicle construction
  • Machine and plant construction
  • Metal construction
  • Industry
  • aerospace
  • Art projects
  • Private demand
We manufacture nationwide, also for our European neighbours.


Many of our customers are looked after and served by us from the very first hour.



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